Shady Cove Middle School has three state track champs

Three Shady Cove School athletes participated in the Oregon State Middle School Track and Field Championships on June 5 at LaPine. Eighth-graders Bryson Baker and Sherman Hammond and sixth-grader Michael Hammond competed in 100-meter run, high jump, discus and javelin. They competed with youth from over 30 schools from the entire state.

Sherman threw the javelin 118 feet and is now ranked 2nd in the State of Oregon and 8th in the nation. Michael threw the javelin 102.4 feet for a ranking of 6th in the state. Bryson threw the discus 105 feet and achieved 4 feet 10 inches in the high jump. Bryson who also ran in the 100-meter race said, “It was a good meet.”

Jill and Mike Hammond, acting as onsite coaches for all three youth at the meet, were pleasantly surprised by the achievements of Sherman and Michael (their sons) because the javelins used at the competition were heavier than javelins previously used by the youth. Mike (father) said at prior middle school meets a 300 gram javelin was used but at this meet the weight was about 500 grams or 17 ½ ounces. The youth only had about six throws each to get used to the extra weight and additional length of about a foot.

Their regular coaches, teacher Kathy Alexander and Rodney Ash, were unable to make the tournament and the Hammonds filled in. Jill said the youth were excited about going but a little nervous not knowing what to expect. On the way home, all were excited about how well the day went. Jill said, “We were just exhilarated.” And in celebration, the Hammonds and Bryson stopped at Union Creek for some of that famous ice cream at Beckie’s Café.
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent

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