Sparrow Club fundraiser

The Sparrow Clubs, the Ore-Cal River Racers, and Secret Shoppers Network are teaming up to help local Sparrow children.

They are hosting an event June 11-13 at the Edgewater Inn in Shady Cove. With entertainment and boat launching also at the Shady Cove Park, the Ore-Cal River Racers will be taking a special guest out on the water.

This event will help several families that deal with medical issues with their children. One child particular is Spencer Scofield. He will be the first Sparrow for Butte Falls  for the school year 2010-2011. Spencer has many health issues and his family is facing many financial stresses like so many of these children. If you are unfamiliar with Sparrow Clubs we invite you to log on to their web site .

Your donation is a tax right off the Sparrow Club ID number, which is  91-1672700. Donations  need to be payable to Sparrow Clubs, and can be mailed to attention Brenda Kessler, P.O. Box 348, Butte Falls OR 97522. or they can pick them up, Donations may be made online at

For information, call  Brenda Kessler  541-864-0979, Matt (Southern Oregon Sparrow director) 541-621-1126.

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