Temporary Closure listed on a limited section of th Rogue River during Gold Ray Dam removal

State officials with the Oregon State Marine Board have issued a temporary rule closing a 1500 foot section of the Rogue River in the immediate vicinity of Gold Ray Dam located at river mile 125.5. The closure will be in effect from June 15th, 2010 until October 15th, 2010 and will be limited to a section of the river stretching from 500 feet downstream of the dam to 1000 feet upstream of the dam. TouVelle State Park is the lat public boat ramp upstream of the river closure.

“Officials ruled to close this small section of the river in an effort to ensure public safety during the removal of the Gold Ray Dam” said John Vial, Director of Jackson County Roads and Parks. “During demolition of the dam, it is likely that unsafe boating conditions will be present in this section of the river and the waterway may be unstable.”

The temporary river closure will be enforced by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol.

For more information, please contact Craig Harper, Rogue Valley Council of governments at 541-423-1369, or visit the Rogue Valley Council of Governments website at www.rvcog.org

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