Jackson County Fair

{gallery}/07_27_10/fair{/gallery} It pays to be #1. Claire Gladman, Mighty Fine Swine Club got $42 per pound for her 246 pound hog at last week’s swine auction. Never mind getting out the calculator, thanks to information from Mel and Diane Morris, we can tell you that amounts to $10,332. The purchase was made by Foley, Stan Winters, Mike Trayham Ranch, and Oregon South Bay Timber.

Emily Dulany, Eagle Point Livestock, sold her hog to Willie’s Boats for $5,875.

Christian Inkley, a perennial winner while in 4-H, is now a member of Crater FFA. His 266 pound hog was purchased by Quality Fence, Premier West Bank and Kogap Enterprises Inc. for $6,916.

The price per pound was up considerably this year with the average at $5.26 a pound. But there were only 167 hogs sold. This is the highest per pound rate since these records began in 1965. Total sales for 4H and FFA hogs last Wednesday evening was $319,622. The average sales price ws $1,312 this year.

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