Small aircraft headed to Prospect

This weekend, July 17-18 will be the 21st annual Prospect Search and Rescue Fly-In.

For those planning to fly-in, the runway is paved and is 4000 ft. in length. It is 42 degrees 44.6N/122 degrees 29.2″W at an elevation of 2485 ft.

Events include an exquisite steak and chicken BBQ on Saturday 5:30 p.m.

Sunday morning beginning at 6:30 a.m.- Ham, hotcakes, eggs, hashbrowns, with biscuits and gravy, for those folks wishing to depart in the cool mountain air.

They expect to have music, games, and a regular raffle. There will also be a hot dog lunch on Saturday. Coffee and soda will also be available. Combination BBQ/breakfast tickets are $20 ($17/6 for individual meals) with just a $7 tab for vegetarian-only at the BBQ. Children 6 to 12 are half-price $8/$3.

It is best to get your dinner meal tickets early (reservations accepted) as the chef only feeds 200. All proceeds for this event go to Prospect Search and Rescue. For dinner reservations, and more information on the fly-in please write to: Prospect Search and Rescue, P. O. Box 35, Prospect, OR. 97536. 541-621-1731. Or email:

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