Bernie seeks donations to rid EP of disease

{gallery}/08_10_10/cow{/gallery} Mad Cow Disease has infected Eagle Point. There are at least two cows known to be infected within the city limits of Eagle Point.

How can that happen you ask when cows are not even allowed within the city? Just ask the young adult bible study group at Eagle Point Community Bible Church. They are responsible for spreading the disease.

The primary source of infection appears to come from Bernie the Cow. Those wishing to prevent being infected can do so by paying $15 for a vaccination. But if you find you are infected there are several options– for only $5 you can get the infection cured and find out who infected you; for $10 be cured and infect someone else and for $15 you can be cured and anonymously infect someone.

To simply infect someone, the cost is $10 but to do it anonymously is $15.

The disease is expected to run its course by the time school starts, so now is the time to act.

The young adult group will use the funds for bible study materials and to get away for a few days at Lake Shasta where they don’t plan to spread the disease.

To donate for more information, call the Cow Line at 541-613-4126. Bernie will be anxious to take your moo-la.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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