Fairy godmother

The fairy godmother promises to arrive in School District 9 within a couple of months and plop down $824,400 at its doorstep.

While many will only hear that District 9 (and every other school district) is about to get more money, we doubt few will hear the way it is to be spent.

According to press releases, the money is to retain existing educators, hire new ones or rehire those dismissed. Again, many will jump for joy. But look a bit closer at reality for District 9.

First, and most importantly, this is one time money. Any plans dealing with people can come back to haunt and hurt in coming years as staff is cut for lack of funds. Furthermore, this school district has not laid off staff nor cut days of instruction. That might happen in the future if the economy doesn’t turn around. So, if the feds hadn’t put strings on the money, it might be a good idea to sock the money away for next year’s much needed rainy day (or perhaps flood).

The funds were based on the “knowledge” that 1,600 teachers were laid off in Oregon. Leave it  to the cumbersome federal government to just do a quick step and dole out funds with no real understanding of what they were doing. It sure does make them look good in an election year, especially where unions are concerned. But even the unions should stop and think–this is one time money, what will happen tomorrow and tomorrow after that? More and more we all seem to look just at today, and at what is in it for me, not us, not tomorrow.

Had the money had no strings District 9 could well use it for a roof for the high school, which is one expensive item that is needed.

So what will the district do with these funds? They will use them as will every district. But they probably will be forced into a game of shuffle–shuffle funds here and shuffle funds there. Rest assured they will be used and are needed, but not today in the manner stipulated because that will hurt people in the future.    

But what the heck, it is only money and it seems to just keep flowing- a billion here and a billion there.
Tomorrow is another day and maybe the golden goose will stick around (but we have our doubts.)


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