Non-functioning sprinklers at Davis Finish Products

After the recent devastating fire in White City , in which the fire sprinkler system at Davis Finish Products was turned off, Fire District 3 reminds warn business owners that  making sure sprinkler systems are on and maintained is not only critical, it is necessary.

The Fire District’s Fire Code requires that business owners advise the Fire Marshal immediately when the fire sprinkler system is out-of-service for any reason. The Fire Marshal will then work with the business owner to ensure continued protection of the premises and occupants while the system is put back into service.

According to District 3, the insurance company met with Davis Finish Products the day before the fire and learned the system was down. Fire District 3 was not notified, according to Fire Marshal Hugh Holden.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems save lives and property. If you have a fire sprinkler system in your business it must be maintained and turned on to do its job. Fire sprinklers are effective in controlling the fire in 91% of the cases. In 89% of reported fires in buildings with sprinkler systems, the fire was controlled with the activation of only one or two sprinkler heads.

In 53% of the cases where fire sprinkler systems did not work the reason was the sprinkler system was turned off. In 15% of the cases where fire sprinklers did not work the system was not maintained.


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