Over 100 artists will participate in ArtWalk

{gallery}/08_10_10/art{/gallery} Eagle Point resident Charity Hubbard is one of more than a hundred artists who will participate in the upcoming ArtWalk in Shady Cove, Aug. 14-15. Hubbard completed a one year program at Pacific College of Art and Design, and two years of study with Semyon Bilmes. She is a member of the Upper Rogue Artists’ Society as well as Southern Oregon Society of Artists’ and has received awards from both. In addition to fine art painting, Hubbard also does commercial illustration work.  Some of her illustrations have been on products in Hallmark and Costco as well as on local billboards.One of the artist’s newest paintings, “Mission Breezes”, has recently been accepted into the prestigious national competition, “Paint America”.  This show will tour the United States for one year.  The photo reference for this painting was taken by Charity at San Juan Capistrano Mission in California.  This painting has also been awarded as a painting of the month through SOSA and will compete for painting of the year. For more information visit charityhubbard.com

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