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Editor’s note: This is the third in a series about the staff of the Upper Rogue Independent. We previously profiled F.C. Blake and Christy Pitto.

A wife,  mother,  grandmother and even an activist of sorts, but one of Russian heritage, who once did underground search and rescue–hardly the Margaret Bradburn who often sports the straw cowboy hat and bright lipstick  known to many as one of the reporters for the Upper Rogue Independent.

Bradburn and her husband, Larry, came to the valley (and specifically Shady Cove) six years ago. It didn’t take her long to voice her opinion via Letters to the Editor. And from there it was another quick step to seek a job as a reporter, a position she has held for 4 ½ years.

Bradburn’s parents came to the United States from Russia via China just before World War II. Bradburn, and her brother(now deceased) were born in San Francisco. Their parents only allowed their children to speak English and in order to do this, their father worked days and went to school nights to learn the American ways and the English language.

Although she is Russian Orthodox, much of her knowledge of her background, including how to spell and pronounce her true Russian family name, are mostly gone. The family adopted the last name of Carter and Bradburn’s Godmother died a year ago. That was her last real connection with those of Russian background.  The family was forced to lose contact with those in Russia during the Cold War when family members had to request no more communication with their American relatives.  But there is one thing that Bradburn remembers and celebrates and that is Russian Christmas which is celebrated on Jan. 7. Each year Bradburns host a big party. A Russian party would not be complete without their one drink–vodka.

Bradburns will celebrate their 41st anniversary this fall. They have two grown sons and three grandchildren; one son and family live in Texas while the other son lives in Colorado. They spent 30 years 65 miles from Death Valley, where she said she has seen 130 degree temperatures. Perhaps it is no wonder she found working underground where she did mine and cave rescue for the sheriff’s department to her liking. She has a number of photos of her experiences and was even in a documentary about her adventures.

Bradburn put those days and the year she and her husband spent recuperating after a drunk driver hit them head behind her when they moved to Shady Cove.

Two years ago she was elected to the Shady Cove City Council and has been working with the schools, Shady Cove Principal Tiffany O’Donnell, Boys & Girls Club and on a committee dealing with the homeless.

On August 23, Bradburn made another change in her life when she submitted a letter to the mayor and council in which she said:
“It is with regret that I resign from Shady Cove City Council. I feel honored to have served the citizens and business owners for almost two years.

Needing a larger place to live and after looking at several properties in Shady Cove, my husband and I decided we would be better served in a city that already has infrastructure in place, such as a public water system. Our hew home will be in Eagle Point.

The two primary reasons for leaving Shady Cove are the lack of a public water system and floodplain issues. Many properties in the city do not have water, have limited water or may have unhealthy water. And after Jackson County adopts the new floodplain maps in 2011, more properties will fall into the floodplain. I urge the council to find a solution for a public water systm and to continue the progress made with FEMA regarding the floodplain.

I wish the best to the people of Shady Cove and to the City Council.”
“до свидания пока,”  “goodbye for now”  Маргарита (Margaret)

Bradburns are looking forward to getting settled in Eagle Point where they already have found the neighbors very friendly. With political season upon us, Bradburn will have ample opportunity to follow some of the political events, which is her favorite kind of reporting.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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