60th Annual Prospect Jamboree and Timber Carnival Winners

Jack & Jill
1st     George Harrison Sr and Tina Harrison
2nd   Eyler Harrison and Astounda Collins
3rd    Wayne Gallagher and Cassie Johnson

Jill & Jill
1st   Tina Harrison & Astounda Collins
2nd   Liz Steward & Robin Patterson
3rd   Jennifer Dooley & Beth McGuire

Double Buck
1st  George Harrison Sr & Eyler Harrison
2nd  Tim Acrey and Wayne Gallagher
3rd  Don & Tony Scriven

Women’s Axe Throw
1st  Tina Harrison
2nd  Astounda Collins
3rd  Ginger Dooley

Speed Pole Climb
1st  Jason Sharp
2nd  Jim McGuire
3rd Joshua Kimzey

Men’s Axe Throw
1st  Bill Miller
2nd  George Harrison Sr
3rd  Jason Sharp

Log Rolling
1st  Jason Sharp
2nd  Tim Acrey
3rd  Trenton Sharp

Spped Axe Throw
1st  Don Scriven
2nd Tony Scriven
3rd  Jason Sharp

Women’s Choker Setting
1st  Astounda Collins
2nd  Tina Harrison
3rd  Jennifer Dooley

Men’s Choker Setting
1st  Don Scriven
2nd  Tim Acrey
3rd  Tony Scriven

Single Buck
1st  George Harrison
2nd  Eyler Harrison
3rd  Wayne Gallagher

Unlimited Stock Saw
1st  Rick Johnson
2nd  Heather Johnson
3rd  George Harrison

Stock Saw
1st  Bret Steward
2nd  Bill Miller
3rd  George Harrison

Modified Stock Saw
1,  George Harrison
2.  Eyler Harrison
3.  Tina Harrison

Antique Saw
1.  George Harrison
2.  Wayne Gallagher
3.  Danny Acrey

Farmer Saw
1.  Heather Johnson
2.  Rick Johnson
3.  Tim Acrey

Bull of the Woods    George Harrison
Jill of the Woods      Tina Harrison


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