Mom to Mom group offers support for young and old

Eagle Point’s Michelle Sked embraces this firm conviction: “I think today’s society pressures us to have two incomes;  I have a calling to be a mom..” Content to forgo what she deems the trappings of materialistic gratification, the young mother relishes the joys of devotion to her four daughters. While spouse, Alex Sked, pursues an engineering career at Erickson Air Crane, Michelle spends daytime hours with Gracie, Allie, Madison and Kaitlyn, ages 8, 5, 3, and 1. 

In 2003 a friend had invited her to a meeting of a group called “Mothers of Preschoolers,” or “MOPS.” “I came away amazed  at the support this offered to mothers,” Sked said. But, since MOPS’ members lose eligibility upon their children’s advancement beyond kindergarten,  she harbored a desire to start a club for any youngsters’ mothers. 

Then in May of 2008, Becky Bull, a  pastor’s wife, told Sked she’d been praying for someone to lead a mom’s group. Regarding it a door providentially being opened,  Sked parlayed the wish into establishing Mom to Mom. They held their first meeting that  September in Eagle Point Community Bible Church’s building with about a dozen registrants. Now, through word of mouth, their numbers have increased to thirty-five.

Sked stressed that although they meet in a sanctuary, Mom to Mom participants face no obligations to attend religious services there. “About 70% of  our  mom’s group  members don’t come here for Sunday church,” she said. “We have some from various other faiths.”   

Bimonthly mom’s group meetings normally take place from 9 to 11 a.m. on the first and third Thursdays.  As an exception, however, for the resumption of  2010’s sessions,  they’ll end their summer hiatus by convening on September 16th. then again on the 30th.  

Volunteers provide child care in a room separate from where the moms assemble.  Under adult supervision, children may sing, watch age-appropriate movies, learn easy crafts, or romp on the  playground.

“We’re a team that normally begins with refreshments,” Sked says of the typical adults’ gathering. “The potluck occurs from 9 to 9:30. Six people sign up to provide that.”  The program continues with story telling, mentoring, and sharing experiences involving their kids. Then they hear special speakers.

She related examples of numerous 45-minute programs that past guests have presented.  The list included  a nutritionist, a master gardener, one police officer, a fire fighter, a mother of fifteen, and a self-defense expert.  

The meetings also feature once-monthly craft projects for the moms. The $30 annual price of registration applies toward costs of these craft materials. Their leadership team includes a crafts coordinator, plus someone to recruit special speakers.

Sked expressed the deep respect she feels for the others in the group she founded.  We need the support we give one another here to realize we’re not alone in the problems we face every day, she said.  Then  she alluded to the African proverb Hilary Clinton once incorporated into a book title. “If it truly takes a village to raise a child,” Sked observed, “then this Mom to Mom group is our village.” For more information about joining Mom to Mom, please phone (541) 830-7861.
By F. C. Blake
Of the Independent

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