D9 looks at athletic-activity budget

The third District 9 workshop dealing with departmental budgeting was on athletics and activities.
Charts for athletics and activities for 2009-10 actual costs and 2010-11 budget in revenues and expenditures were presented. They included  middle school athletics, high school athletics and activities, participation in middle and high school athletics and high school activities as well as transportation costs were presented. The audience asked several questions.


The most expensive sport per student is golf and for activities, it is speech. Each is said to only have six participants. Expenditure for golf is $1,513 and for speech it is $1,682 per student. The least expensive activity is the National Honor Society at $41 per student and in sports, it is track at $213. Football is $434 and wrestling is $426. FFA is $331 and Skills is $160.


Of the 1,274 high school students, 964 participate in sports and/or activities. At the middle schools 897 of the 1,000 students are involved.

There were questions regarding pay to play and coaching cost comparisons. Eagle Point has the lowest pay to play at $40 for three sports. Athletic Director Brian Winter pointed out that the high school has the highest rate of free and reduced population in the valley , at 58 percent. Students who can’t pay or can’t pay the full amount are asked to make a token payment before the first game. Winter said the staff tries to find projects where the students can work off the costs. He said the high school has fewer stipends for coaching but they are near the top salary-wise. He said middle school coaches are probably paid the highest in the valley. He said that practice began before his time in the district and he had no history on it.

Another comment came from Eagle Point council member and city representative to the school board, Rick Tree. He said he would like to see an aquatic center and tennis courts and understood they were part of a master plan. He said he had approval from the council to seek the feasability and would like to spearhead the project. (Since the master plan, the new gym replaces the potential aquatic center area.) Chair Scott Grissom said this topic was not part of the current budget process and the group needed to stay on task.

Tree brought the subject of, as well as the use of solar power on the new school, during the public comment time during the regular board meeting. Grissom said it was not in the immediate future. Tree said that was too bad, the kids could sure use it and left the meeting moments later.

The next departmental budget presentation will be Nov. 10 at 5 p.m.

By Nancy Leonard

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