EP travels Friday after loss to Ashland

The end of the first regular  “hybrid” season was not what Coach Schauffler and his team had worked for and hoped for. Now they are preparing to meet Dallas this Friday night in Dallas. Dallas High School is about 20 minutes west of Salem and the school where  Schauffler began his coaching and teaching career.

Shane Bluhm had a good night, despite the 34-14 loss to Ashland. “He ran the ball very effectively. It was probably his best night ever,”  noted Schauffler. He and Ian Morris worked well in the third quarter with two touchdown passes to Morris. One was a 70-plus yard  and the another was for 64 yards, giving Morris the two touchdowns.

Rushing  Bluhm had 14 completions for 35 and 218 yards passing, 43 yards rushing.

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