Horsepower crop is now available

The Southern Oregon Historical Society  crop of Hanley Horsepower products have just arrived in local retail outlets. In its second year of production, Hanley Horsepower Flour is produced at historic Hanley Farm in cooperation with members of the Southern Oregon Draft and Harness Association, who plant, reap, and thresh the wheat with draft horses.

The wheat is cleaned at Noonan Farms and ground into whole wheat flour at Butte Creek Mill. In addition to flour, this year they are also offering Hanley Horsepower Wheat Berries.

Either product may be purchased at the following retailers: Jacksonville Mercantile, Gary West, Rogue Creamery, Butte Creek Mill, Grange Co-op, and the Ashland Food Co-op. Larks, the Ashland Springs Hotel, is creating several items for their menu, featuring horsepower flour and wheat berries.

As always, quantities are limited as only three acres of wheat were planted this year.  Hanley Horsepower Flour and Wheat Berries are “naturally grown;” their only ingredients being wheat, sunshine and rain. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used on the fields before or during production.

For more information, please contact the Southern Oregon Historical Society at (541) 773-6536.

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