Meeker honored at luncheon

Police Chief John Meeker was honored on his approaching retirement by the city staff last Friday. He  officially retires  on Nov. 8 and will be honored by the city council on Nov. 9 as the new chief is sworn in.

Chief Meeker has been with the Eagle Point Police Department for 22 years, serving in every capacity except detective.

He served in the military from 1973-1980 and received three Army medallions. He was Soldier of the Year for the 3rd Armored Division in 1975. Following his military career he served in the police department at Jacksonville and in Talent. Leon Sherman asked him to consider coming home, where he was born, to serve in the EPPD Department. That began his 22-year career in Eagle Point.

He has twice been recognized for outstanding service by EPPD and also as an off-duty officer
saving two children from possible drowning at Jedediah Smith State Park.

City Administrator Dave Hussell said while he had known Meeker for 10 years, it was the last 10 or 11 months that he truly got to know him. “I didn’t know all the skills he had.,” said Hussell. We will miss him terribly.” And then Hussell

By Nancy Leonard

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