Pink flamingos are on the move in the area

Look out, you may be flocked. No, you didn’t party too much last night. What you may see on your lawn are truly pink flamingos. They came to pay you a visit, for a good cause. To get rid of them, just fill out the card attached to one of them, along with a nice donation, and they will disappear in the middle of the night to your appointed victim. Or better yet, call one of the numbers listed below.

This is a fund raising project for the Eagle Point High School cheerleaders. Ten percent of the money collected will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

For information call Jordan Gieg, head cheer coach, at 541-944-0001 or Brenda Cloney, assistant coach, 541-621-4769. And, please, don’t hurt the flamingos. Just call one of these numbers and they will be on to the next “victim” without a peep.

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