SC 8th gr. volleyball undefeated

The Shady Cove Lady Wolverines 8th grade varsity volleyball team ended their regular season this week undefeated with wins over Ruch and Sacred Heart. Monday the Wolverines hosted Ruch. The Shady Cove JV team lost a close first game, but came back to win the next two easily. 6th grader Kristin Sweem’s overhand serving was tremendous, scoring a total of 19 points for her team, including 8 straight in the third game. The Varsity then took the court, beating Ruch 25-12, 25-9, and 15-13. The Wolverines played a very solid game, with good serving and setting the ball up for the attack.

Wednesday the Lady Wolverines traveled to Sacred Heart for the final match of the season. “Going into this match, we knew the Knights would be a tough challenge, and would be looking for revenge for breaking up their undefeated season when we met in September.” In the first game, Brittany Zomerdyk dominated with her tough serving, scoring 11 unanswered points and gaining a good lead.  Sacred Heart got fired up, though, after a long awaited side-out, shutting down the Wolverines, and catching up with a 24-23 lead.  Shady Cove then won the side-out, and outside hitter Lisa Salo-Davis served the winning points against tremendous pressure, helping her team win 26-24. In the second game, star server Brittany Zomerdyk wasn’t feeling well, and the rest of the team went flat with their serving and made mistakes, dropping a close game in the end 21-25. The final game to 15 started out slow, without either team scoring any rallies. Kiana Sweem, who had been serving out the left back corner in previous games got up to serve.  Coaches Michelle Sweem and Jenny Zomerdyk coached her to adjust her serve, which she did accurately, zoning in on a weak spot, and serving 9 straight points for the win, 15-7.

The JV team also battled tough with close games, winning their first game 26-24, but then dropped the last two 22-25 and 7-15. In the first game, Shady Cove was down 22-24 before Jenica Edwards served the winning points.  Kristin Sweem and Amber Wahala-Fogel also served well, scoring points with their overhand serves.

The Lady Wolverines Varsity ended their season 10-0. The only loss was a non-conference game to a higher league St. Mary’s team.
Shady Cove competed in a tournament in Prospect on Saturday, Oct. 23 where they took first place.

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