Street painter to do scarecrow in Shady Cove

It’s a scarey time in Shady Cove–a time when SC stands for Scare Crow. Be on the lookout for all varieties from one end of town to the other between now and Oct. 25. There are scarecrows everyplace. Stop in at the various businesses, pick your favorite.

Paula’s Bakery, next to Cutty’s Pizza, at 21901 Hwy. 62, promises a bit different scarecrow–but it will happen after the judging ends for all other scarecrows. Her entry will be just one day and happen only if the weather permits. Beginning at 9 a.m. that morning, local artist and street painter, Cheryl Magellen will create an 8-foot scarecrow using pastel street chalk on the blacktop in front of the bakery.

Everyone is invited to watch her do her magic. Better be quick. A rain will make this SC scarecrow part of history.

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