90 Year Old White City Man is Missing

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the disappearance of a 90 year old
White City man. Johnnie Irvin Sutton (02-11-1920) left his White City home, on Monday, November
1, 2010 around 1:30 PM, to go to Food 4 Less in Medford. He was driving his silver 1989 Crown
Victoria, Oregon License Plates, PTU318. He never returned home.

Sutton has no serious mental or medical conditions; however he has been known to lose his way.
He was last seen wearing a flannel shirt and jeans.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office tip at 541-774-

Johnnie Irvin Sutton

Height: 5 ft 4in

Weight 130lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair White

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