Book swap at Little Butte School

Remember the saying “Reading Is Fundamental”? The Parent Group of Little Butte School agrees; it is fundamental. But, what happens when the kids don’t have any grade appropriate books to read? Or they have to read the same book again and again because it is the only book they have? They fall behind. Not only in reading, but also in their other subjects and life itself. To help remedy this issue the Parent Group is holding a series of book swaps. The first one will be held December 7-9th at the school and we really need your help. It is likely that you or your neighbors and friends have boxes of books in the garage that are no longer read in your home.

Wouldn’t you consider donating them to a great cause? We are in desperate need of chapter books for 1st – 5th grade kids to swap for a book or magazine they are done reading. You can drop them off at Little Butte School, 17 N. Shasta, Eagle Point. If you don’t have any books but still want to help, we will also accept monetary donations at the same location. Thank you for supporting and participating. For questions or further information, please call 541-538-0390

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