Election results and comparisons

Majority of EP council will be new
This year’s election was a prime example of the saying, every vote counts. The separation in the governor’s race was about one percentage point. The balance of power in the Oregon Senate is still too close to call three days after the election officially ended. The Bates-Dotterer race in Jackson County appeared to have been won by Dotterer, only to have last minute votes swing toward Bates. And as of late Friday, Senator Alan Bates may continue to be Senator if the 264 vote margin he has holds.

The Eagle Point election was a rather decisive one. In the election for mayor, Bob Russell had nearly 70 percent of the vote over Rick Tree. The final tally was 1,732 for Russell and 732 for Tree. “I’m overwhelmed and very pleased,” said Russell.   

When Tree, who is on the city council,  decided to run for mayor, it created the third vacancy on the city council. Four residents sought those three Eagle Point council seats. Kathy Sell received more votes than any councilor and even more than the mayor. The final tally for Sell was 1,797. That was followed by Jonathan Bilden with 1,720 and Ruth Jenks with 1,510 votes. Leon Sherman, who is currently mayor and could not by Eagle Point charter run for a third term, received 1,284 votes in his desire to move from the mayor’s seat to that of a councilor.

Sherman talked about his loss. “I can only blame myself. I guess I thought everybody knew me. I should have put out yard signs and flyers, but I didn’t and I didn’t win.”

With a new mayor and three new councilors to be seated in January, City Administrator Dave Hussell had a two hour session with the four of them last Friday morning to begin to acquaint them with some of the policies and regulations that govern elected officials and the City of Eagle Point.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent



URI        Jackson Co.       State
Governor          Dudley        Dudley           Kitzhaber
Treasurer         Wheeler      Telfer            Wheeler
Senator           Wyden        Wyden           Wyden
Repr.              McLane        McLane
U.S. Repr.       Walden        Walden

Measure 70      Yes               Yes             Yes
Measure 71      Yes               Yes             Yes
Measure 72      Yes               Yes             Yes
Measure 73       No                Yes             Yes
Measure 74       No                 No              No
Measure 75       No                 No              No
Measure 76      Yes               Yes              Yes


Jackson Co. Commissioners:
Position 1
Jeff Golden-         32,380    43.6%
Don Skundrick-    41,807    56.3%

Position 2
John Rachor         39,691    54.5%
Mark Wisnovsky    33,004    45.3%
The URI picks were Skundrick and Rachor.   

Other county-wide results include incumbents
Dennis Richardson – 71% and Buckley- 62%.

Sal Esquivel with 56.5% over Lynn Howe, with 43.2 %.

As mentioned in another article, Bates-Dotterer still too close to call.

Shady Cove residents were definite in their desire to end the current water district with a yes vote of 843 and no of 102.

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