Eagles win 1st playoff round

Crater lost, North Medford lost, South Medford lost–making Eagle Point the only one with bragging rights this week. While they aren’t prone to brag, it does make them pretty pleased and planning to work even harder this week to prepare for another go at Marist.

Eagle Point and Dallas were tied with about three minutes remaining. Tyler McFall forced a fumble and Daniel Morgan picked the ball up and ran it 40 yards. That set up the final play and with three seconds left, Coach Schauffler called a time out to bring in Brandon Seelye, the Eagles’ kicker. He did the job and Eagle Point won 31-28. Seelye has had four field goals this year, at least two over 40 yards.

Shane Bluhm had another good night running for three touchdowns. “He was our biggest weapon,” said Schauffler. Aaron Foster tied the game at 28 part way into the fourth quarter. Schauffler noted that Devon Adams  had a good night, receiving two long throws.

Unfortunately, the Eagles will be on the road once again as they meet Marist on their field Friday at 7 p.m.

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