Frank Ricci to entertain at Scholarship Dessert

Those attending the 24th annual Scholarship Dessert at Eagle Point High School on Dec. 2 will be entertained by a rather special Upper Rogue resident, Frank Ricci, known as a “Triple Threat” singer and performer.

Ricci has co-starred with and/or produced concerts for countless stars like B.B. King and the late Tammy Wynette, Tony Bennett, Reba McEntire, and numerous other well known names.

But beyond his singing and stage presence, Ricci has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. He is also a Certified Behavioral Therapist and clinical hypnotherapist. His business experience is evident as the director of a national motivational self-improvement organization and highly respected speaker.

He has been described as having the “old Frank Sinatra ability to make lots of ladies swoon,” according to David Sheehan, CBS TV.

From the age of four, he announced he would be a singer when he grew up. He never overlooked an opportunity to sing as he was growing up. While in the military, he entered their worldwide talent contest and placed second in the world.

He walked into a hotel across from Disneyland and asked the manager if he could sing a couple of songs with the band. When he finished, the manager asked him how soon he could start. And his career began.

Now an Upper Rogue area resident, he performs on Saturday evenings at the Red Lion and is more than pleased to contribute his vocal talents to the ever popular Scholarship Dessert.

Hostesses are asked to make their reservation quickly as this promises to be a sell-out event. If this is going to be your first year as a hostess, you are asked to invited 6 or 8 guests including yourself. As hostess, you should plan on providing a tablecloth, napkins and service for dessert and beverage. Hostesses are asked to provide dessert for their table and a centerpiece. Paper or china service, use whatever you wish and what works best for you and your guests. There is no admission charge, but before the evening is over, an envelope will be handed out by the hostess for donations for the scholarship fund.

The committee does not spend any of the receipts. Should there ever be a cost for something, committee members take up a personal collection. Funds from the evening are placed with the Oregon Community Foundation. Interest is used to fund scholarships. The evening officially begins at 7 p.m., with table set up prior to that. The evening is over between 8:30 and 9 p.m. Coffee and water is served by National Honor Society and Leadership class students.

To reserve a table, or for more information, call Olive Lansburgh, 541-826-4534 or Mary Scheffler 541-826-9518.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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