Hunter found

On Monday, November 01, 2010, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team rescued a
Rogue River man. John Lamere (10-01-53) left Sunday, October 31, 2010, to go hunting with his adult
aged step-son, near Sardine Creek. Around 3:30 PM, Lamere ran after a buck into the woods. At some
point Lamere fell, hit his head, and became lost.

ust before 7:00 PM, Sunday, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was notified about a missing hunter in
the Sardine Creek area. At 7:40 PM, October 31, 2010, a full search and rescue callout was issued.
Lamere’s stepson helped lead rescuers to the last known area where his father was. Searchers were
able to locate Lamere’s pickup truck, and found him just before midnight. Lamere is okay; he is
diabetic, and was in need of insulin, food, and water.

Search and Rescue members spent the night in the woods, with Lamere and his stepson. They built a
fire and provided food and water. Lamere also received medical attention throughout the evening,
thanks to trained volunteers.

It was decided to wait until morning to attempt to move Lamere due to steep and rugged terrain.
Jackson County air support, Alert One, left the Ashland Airport just after 5:30 AM, and headed to the
search area, along with two Fire District Three medics on board. Due to foggy conditions this morning,
crews were forced to move the landing zone for the helicopter and wait for the fog to lift before it could
reach and assist searchers. Medics were able to package Lamere and transport him to a waiting Mercy
Flights helicopter where he was then transported to an area hospital.


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