Jim Ulrich fills vacant Shady Cove Council seat

If optimism and enthusiasm can be contagious the City of Shady Cove can only hope new Councilor Jim Ulrich is the human equivalent of H1N1. Ulrich officially moved to Shady Cove a little over a year ago, but was a part time resident the three proceeding years while he and his wife were building their dream retirement home. Ulrich was a long time resident of Torrance CA, serving on Torrance PD for 32 years. One might think after decades of chasing bad guys Ulrich would be ready to just sit back and watch the Rogue roll by, but he’s not wired that way. He feels it’s just in his DNA to be involved and help. To that end he first joined the budget committee after hearing lots of folks around town talk of the City’s financial woes. Ulrich felt the best way to understand these issues was to get involved at the core.


When the council seat opened up Ulrich saw a chance to not only gain further understanding, but to hopefully implement change. He takes a hopeful and aggressive stance on change, noting “the world is made of crazy ideas” and feels passionately that if one idea doesn’t take; you toss out another one in its wake until “something sticks to the wall”. He also feels no progress can be made without citizen involvement; he’d love to see all council meetings and other government meetings standing room only and encourages folks to get their applications in for his former seat on the budget committee.

There’s a question asked each Student of the Month in Shady Cove: “If you were on City Council and could change one thing about the city, what would it be?” When this was posed to Ulrich he quickly answered that he would love to resolve the water issue and more importantly “the separation it causes”. He would love to see the city become known for more than just the Rouge, rafting and fishing; a “float through” city as it were. He would like it to truly become a place where folks will come and stay awhile.

Additionally, because Ulrich was appointed to the seat and did not campaign he is now campaigning after the fact in that he is trying to meet and speak with as many folks as possible to learn of their concerns about and desires for the city. Feel free to drop him an email or stop him on the street to give him your 2 cents worth.
By Christy Pitto
Of the Independent


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