Neglect and damage to covered bridge is a concern

These are pictures taken last week inside the Covered Bridge in Eagle Point. One of the first things one notices is the smell of cigarettes and perhaps marijuana. This is really good for the school children. The bridge was moved to Eagle Point a number of years ago to provide a safe passage across the creek for school children, keeping them away from vehicles. And, its secondary purpose was to be a tourist attraction-something the community could be proud of.

It took several years of dedication by many caring people to move the bridge from Yankee Creek to Eagle Point. And now look what is happening to it. It is irreplaceable. It is not technically on the historic register, but it is historic.

When boards are bashed in, just any kind of board is used to replace them. We crossed out some of the words and phone numbers left on the walls. And please note the carving done on some of the boards.

It is our hope to seek old boards that can be used to replace the ones that do not coincide with the original ones. If you have any useful boards, please call Nancy at the Independent, 826-7700. We believe the city will make use of them on the old bridge.

In the meantime, it would certainly be nice if students begin patroling their own and taking care not to destroy the bridge (and other property.)
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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