District 9 board approves bidding process for new school

Jackson County School District #9, in partnership with Willamette Education Service District (WESD), announced approval of an alternative contractor selection process for the Hillside Elementary School Project following the Dec. 8 board of directors meeting.  This alternative process will expedite the choice of general contractor firm, and produce cost savings and reduce risk to the project, according to David McKay, project director, Willamette Education Service District.  

The Jackson County School Board reviewed and approved the request for exemption from the competitive bidding requirements of ORS Chapter 279C.335(1) pursuant to ORS 279C.335(2).  This approval allows the district to utilize a two step process to select the contractor; Request for Qualification (RFQ) and Invitation to Bid (ITB).  The district will issue an RFQ to interested General Contractors. The RFQ pre-qualifies contractors with school experience, giving those highly qualified contractors the opportunity to submit a response to the ITB.  The district awards the contract to the low bid among responsive, pre-qualified contractors.

In other project updates, the project team reported that they met with the City of Eagle Point to review the project and discuss next steps. McKay said city officials reported that the permitting process will take four to six weeks. The project team will deliver project documents to the city for review following the Feb. 9, school board meeting. This allows for construction to begin in late March, consistent with the district schedule.  

BBT Architects will present the Design Development Package for Hillside Elementary School to the school board at their monthly work session.  BBT will present design drawings and specifications that encompass all of the architectural and engineering progress to date, and conclude the Design Development Phase of the project.  In addition to the delivered set of documents, BBT will also present images of the proposed school entry facade, interior elevation of the classroom breakout room and a layout of the floor tile design pattern. An interior color and material board will also be made available for review.

Design and Construction Process Timeline
Jan. 3-    Issue Request for Contractor Qualifications (RFQ)
Jan. 12-(Board Meeting) Approve 50% Construction Documents
Prequalify Construction Contractors
Feb. 9- (Board Meeting) Approve 100% Construction Documents
Submit Plans for Review and Permits
Solicit Bids from Prequalified Contractors


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