Former E. P. resident weds western music legend.

On December 4, three days before his 88th birthday, at Roxy Ann Grange in Medford, Don Maddox wed Eagle Point’s Barbara Harvey. 

In decades past, this last surviving member of the famed  Maddox musical family, performed at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, epitomizing success in his genre. Five years ago he was inducted into the Western Swing Music Hall of Fame. He retains a  polished expertise at infusing a fiddle bow with life, to produce lilts and sound effects that amaze audiences. His harmony, voice quality, sense of rhythm, musical pitch, versatility, stage presence, and sheer star quality provoke envy in performers half his age. He still makes night club appearances,  and  C..D’s  that his fans want autographed..

Both widowed for several years, Don and Barbara met twenty-four months ago through a mutual friend. “Then around last spring,” Barbara said, “Don ordered a ring. One day, he slipped it on my finger, and asked, ‘Will you be my wife?’”

For their wedding venue, they chose the December jam of the Old Time Fiddlers Association, to which both belong.   

Peggy Sue Dodge designed and constructed the bride’s gown of snowy lace over a layer of delicate ice blue fabric. It featured  western touches of fringe and sequins, drawing compliments from many female guests. Her white hat matched that of the groom, magnificently attired in western suit and sequined tie.

The bride’s son  Richard Harvey, and her daughter Victoria Page  served as best man and matron of honor. 

Colleen Graham of Ashland’s Unity Church performed the nuptials.            
“This is the happiest day of my life,” proclaimed  Don Maddox upon the ceremony’s completion. 

As the Fiddlers serenaded  with “May I Have This Dance, For the Rest of My Life,” Don and Barbara  Maddox commenced their first waltz as husband and wife.  
By F. C. Blake
Of the Independent

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