Generousity abounds

Unemployment and definite financial issues are abundantly apparent. Wherever you go you here how bad the economy is and how many are unemployed and in need.    

Sometimes the desire to help is so complicated a new method is needed. And thus, the idea of Santa’s Shop for Upper Rogue residents became a reality. It will be a place for those in need to find there will be gifts this year. No questions, no qualifications. Just honesty.

The idea was taken to the Eagle Point/Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce. They were in full support. The word went out in a color advertisement in the Independent. And from Nov. 16 on, the support has simply overwhelmed us.

A check for $1,000 from Wal-Mart, donated space from the City of Eagle Point, and from the community literally several thousands of items, along with additional cash. We have taken pickup loads daily from the Independent to Santa’s Shop. School District 9 loaned some shelving and sent word to all the elementary schools about Santa’s Shop.

We have a very long list of those who have given. Late last week, Nanci Watkins, of So. Oregon Sanitation, called to say she purchased one of the trees from the Festival of Trees and that tree, Winter Wonderland, is to be delivered on Dec. 6. It is full of toys.

Many have gone out and made purchases just for this project.

Each year the Medford Gun Club has a toy run. Their run is Dec. 12. They called to say they are donating half the toys to Santa’s Shop. It is absolutely incredible to see how people are coming forward. A Daisy Girl Scout Troop (ages K-1) in Eagle Point made Santa’s Shop their community service project. Two carloads of items were delivered, including a furnished doll house.

Now that we have so many items, two needs still exist. The first is for volunteer help. The word went out to the Eagle Point Women’s Club and several members have volunteered. We don’t know how much help we will need, but for sure we want two people per shift and shifts can be as short as 2 or 3 hrs. If you can spare a couple of hours, please call Nancy or Kathy at 541-826-7700.

Then, when all of this is in place, we need people who might not otherwise have Christmas to shop. 

For those of us organizing this event, it is giving us the true meaning of Christmas.

To the dozens who are making Santa’s Shop a reality, we are most grateful.  It is better to give than to receive.
Nancy Leonard
Kathy Sell

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