Masonic Lodge installs new officers

Amid much pomp and circumstance, Shady Cove resident, Bill Littlefield, was installed as the Worshipful Master of the Cascade Masonic Lodge No. 208 on Sunday December 19. Masons and their significant others came from near and afar to participate in an impressive ceremony of ancient tradition. It was the 63rd installation for the Cascade Lodge.

Wearing a top hat, Installing Master, Art Borland, led the ritual by first explaining the use of the gavel. One rap meant everyone present was to come to order and be seated. Two raps were for all Masons to come to attention and three raps indicated everyone was to rise. The first series of three raps brought the crowd to their feet with the Masons reverently folding their arms traditionally across their chests while bowing heads in prayer.

Proceeding with the rite and after Littlefield testified he would take the office of Master without compulsion and would assume it without arrogance, Borland placed a top hat on Littlefield’s head and a gavel in his hand. Borland then went on to induct the remaining officers for 2011.

As each Mason-elect, or brethren as they are called, was marched to the lectern with dignified, military precision, Borland said age-old words used for centuries by Freemasons all over the world. On conclusion of the initiation, each man bowed his head to have the jewel of office placed around his neck. And then as he was escorted back to his chair, all Masons clapped “three times three” for a total of nine claps, signifying respect and a job well-done.

As well as Littlefield, other officers inducted were Wayne Marshall, Eagle Point; Frank Springer, Butte Falls; Jim Pringle, Phoenix; Mark Willets, Cave Junction; Marc Grieve, Prospect; Darrell Parker, Jacksonville; Rick Richie, Medford; Tom Bowman, Trail; Robert Irwin, Sams Valley and Wally New, Shady Cove.

Freemasonry is considered to be the world’s largest fraternal society. Members share ideas of a moral and metaphysical nature with God playing an important role in their lives and in rituals. The Masons teach that each person has a responsibility to make the world better and a lodge offers the opportunity to join with other like-minded people. The Masons support activities for kids following this concept.

Members of the Cascade Lodge would like to build the roster. Ancient tradition dictates, however, that anyone joining must do so of their own free will. Because of that, members are not allowed to recruit so individuals interested in joining must ask a Mason about membership. For more information contact Bill Littlefield at 541-878-2860.
By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent

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