ODE finds District 9 in compliance

The Oregon Department of Education answered a complaint filed Oct. 25 by Jim Mannenbach. Filing with state came after his concerns were heard at the district level. Specifically the complaint concerned Division 22 Standards for Public and Secondary Schools and Mannenbach’s assertion that the district was not in compliance.

Mannenbach alleged the district violated four standards:
• Guidance and Counseling- requires districts to “provide a coordinated comprehensive guidance and counseling program to support the academic career, personal/social and community involvement development of each and every student.” ODE found the district’s guide and counseling plan reasonably meets the requirements and that the district is in compliance. No further action is needed.

•Daily class size- identifies district; responsibility to “maintain class sizes and teacher assignments which promote effective practices.” The district reported average student enrollment in middle school at 20.3 students. Two teachers were identified as possible outliers to this class size average, but support (educational assistants) was provided during highest enrollment period. ODE found the district reasonably met class size requirement and is in compliance, with no further action needed.

• Complaint procedures- ODE requested several policies from the district and, once again, said the district was found in compliance, with no further action needed.

• Media specialist- Various items were requested by ODE for review. The district was found to be in compliance with no further action needed.

In conclusion the department analyzed each item submitted by the district to determine completeness of submitted items, evidence of compliance with the given OAR (Oregon Administrative Rule) and further action(s) required if any. As noted above, no further action was called for on any of the complaints.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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