Richard Lee Forth

Richard Lee Forth, 63, died Mar. 12, 2010 at his home in White City, of multiple sclerosis, which he had for more than 40 years.

He worked in Eureka, Calif. for Sears and also at Stantons Restaurant. After being diagnosed with MS, he and his wife moved to Junction City, Calif. Along with their two daughters, he built their home. After a divorce in 1976, Richard move to Oregon to be closer to his mother, Ruby J.A. Maynard.

His mother diligently cared for her son for over 30 years, while working full time at Kim’s Restaurant. She always put her son first. The night before he passed he said these words to his mother, “I love you mom, and thank you taking such good care of me all these years.”

Mr. Forth is survived by his mother; daughters, Kelly and Christine; four grandchildren; sisters, Sharlyn, Sandie and Charlene and a brother, Robert.

Ruby Maynard and Richard have many friends in the area. They may contact Ruby at P.O. Box 32360, White City, OR 87503.

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