SC Water District turns off spigot

Going…going…gone! Like it or hate it, the Shady Cove Water District is officially no more. In a special meeting on Nov. 23, the board met and passed two resolutions; the first declaring the voters approved the dissolution, the second enacting same. Now the former board members are officially the trustees of the district and will finish up the outstanding business and turn over any remaining issues over to the county.

As of now the trustees anticipate a full resolution by Feb. 2011; “full resolution” meaning all the checks for the fee refunds will be written and mailed. Additionally they are likely done with meetings unless they find they need to re-decide any issues involving the dissolution process, in which case they will hold a public meeting. So, if you regularly attended SCWD meetings, you now again have the first Monday evening of each month free.

A final reminder; if do receive a reimbursement check, don’t delay in cashing it as the bank account will be closed out 60 days after the final check has been written and mailed.
By Christy Pitto
Of the Independent

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