Sisters run successful food drive

When was the last time you turned to your community for help? What about your neighborhood grocery store? Now, what about two 8th graders? No, that wasn’t a typo; I really did say 8th graders!

Access Food Share, Inc. requested help from our school, Eagle Point Middle School, in running a food drive.  Two of our students, Hannah and Hailey Beebe chose to take on this food drive in fulfillment of their National Junior Honor Society community service project. They created flyers, posters, and brainstormed ideas on how to get our school and community involved in donating to the cause. 

Part of the brainstorming resulted in the girls handing out paper bags to households in their neighborhood for collection; writing announcements for our school webpage and newsletter; and creating a competition that would ultimately result in two of our staff members having their heads shaved.

To make all of this happen, Hannah and Hailey needed help. They approached Ray’s who gladly donated paper bags to help in the neighborhood collection of donated goods. Ray’s also helped us return $75.00 worth of cans and bottles from our bottle drive (for every dollar collected, Access is able to purchase 5 pounds of food).  If that wasn’t enough, Ray’s also donated 100 pounds of canned goods. 
Then Hannah and Hailey approached staff members to have their heads shaved.  Mr. Marlia agreed to represent the 6th grade, Mr. Lipski for the 7th, and Mr. D’Haem for the 8th grade.  Finally, they had to rely on their parents, Leann and Allen Carlson who provided morale support and transportation. 

It is with great enthusiasm and pride to announce that Eagle Point Middle School being guided by Hannah and Hailey Beebe, in conjunction with our awesome community was able to donate 2,420 pounds of canned food and non-perishable items to the Upper Rogue Food Pantry.  In and of its self, this is amazing, but what you may not realize is that the Upper Rogue Food Pantry serves approximately 560 people or 250 households in our immediate area. They provide on average, 40 boxes of food and supplies every week. 

This would not have happened without all of us. A special thank you goes out to Larry Crawford (store manager) and Darrell Guthrie (assistant store manager) at Ray’s for helping us without hesitation; the Eagle Point community for getting involved; the students and staff at EPMS; and Hannah and Hailey Beebe for taking on this project and helping so many families in our area.


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