Centennial postmark available Feb. 12

As part of Eagle Point’s Centennial celebration, a Centennial stamp has been approved. Those bringing a stamped envelope ( or even a blank piece of paper) to the Ashpole Center on Feb. 12 between 1 and 3 p.m. can have it hand cancelled with the Eagle Point Centennial mark.  For 30 days thereafter, patrons can have their mail hand stamped with the Centennial mark at the post office.

In addition a special envelope may be purchased at city hall that also includes a color drawing of Centennial Plaza, along with the stamp and Centennial mark. These will be available at city hall. These are enclosed in a clear protective cachet. These will sell for $7.50.

Both of these items will be collectors items and not only wanted by serious stamp collectors but they are wonderful items to get children interested in stamp collecting and history.

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