EP 3-0 end of 1st day Oregon Classic

Eagle Point traveled to Redmond on Thursday, Jan. 13 for the Oregon Classic Tournament, on Jan. 14-15. At the end of the first day, it was Eagle Point 3-0. Final results had Eagle Point in 4th place.
Eagle Point vs. Sandy:
Eagles 40- Sandy 32

Johnny Wilkerson, Gage Baumer,  Manny Valdovinos, Orlando de la Cruz, and Alek Callahan each  won by a fall.
Alejandro Valley lost by fall.
`Aaron Lorenz won  12 -5 decision
Sherman Hammond lost by 2-5 decision
Ben Zomerdyk won 13-5 by a major decision
Nathan Lucas, Eddie Martinez, and Caleb Ash lost by fall.
Travis Woods lost by 0-16 tech fall.
Daniel Morgan won decision 11-4,

Eagle Point vs Summit
Eagle oint won 67-9   
Johnny Wilkerson, Trevor Olsen, Manny Valdovinos, Ben Zomerdyk, Caleb Ash, and  Daniel Morgan each won by a fall.
Orlando de la Cruz and Alek Callahan won by forfeit.
Eddie Perez and Travis Woods wins were by major decision.
Eddie Martinez won by tech fall.
EP vs Marshfield
Eagle Point won 56-15
Johnny Wilkerson, Gage Baumer, Trevor Olsen, Orlando  de la Cruz, Eddie Perez, Travis Woods,Daniel Morgan won by a fall.
Manny Valdovinos and Caleb Ash lost by a fall.
Wins by decision included: Aaron Lorenzo 5-3, Sherman Hammond  6-3, Nathan Lucas 11-4.
Eddie Martinez won by tech fall 18-2.
Ben Zomerdyk lost by major decision 6-15
At the end of Friday night, Eagle Point was 3-0.
EP vs Hood River

Eagle Point lost 31-37
Johnny Wilkerson wins by decision
Gage Baumer, Travor Olsen, Orlando de la Cruz, Aaron Lorenz, Travis Woods,won by fall.
Manny Valdovinos, Eddie Perez, lost by decision

Sherman Hammond, Nathan Lucas, Eddie Martinez, Caleb Ash, Daniel Morgan lost by fall, Ben Zomerdyk lost by major decision
Eagle Point lost 27-31″
Johnny Wilkerson Orlando de la Cruz, Ben Zomerdyk won by decision
Gage Baumer and Daniel Mogan won by forfeit
Trevor Olsen lost, Eddie Perez, and Nathan Lucas lost by fall
Manny Valdovinos win by fall
Aaron Lorenz , Sherman Hammond, Travis Woods, Eddie Martinez and Calob Ash lost by decision
EP loses 27-31

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