Local House members on key committees

Committee assignments for Oregon House of Representatives were announced last week by Co-Speakers Arnie Roblan (D-Coos Bay) and Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg). The Oregon House is split 30 Democrats and 30 Republicans, thus it was decided each committee will have two co-chairs and two-vice-chairs, one from each party. Co-chairs are to work together to develop work plans and must agree on agendas set by their respective committees, according to their press release. Committee meetings will begin when the session begins Feb. 1.

Listed below are assignments for Jackson County House members:
Joint Committee on Ways & Means- Peter Buckley and Dennis Richardson, are co-chairs of this most important committee.  Mike McLane is also on this committee.
Business and labor- Sal Esquivel, co-vice chair
General government and Consumer Protection- Sal Esquivel Co-Vice Chair
Redistricting- Sal Esquivel
Veterans Affairs- Sal Esquivel- Co-Chair
Subcommittee on Natural Resources- Mike McLane, Co-Vice Chair
Subcommittee on Transportation and Economic Development- Mike McLane, Co-Vice Chair

There are no representatives from our districts on the following: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Education, Higher Education, Energy, Environment and Water, Health Care, Human Services, Judiciary, Revenue, Rules, Transportation and Economic Development, Subcommittee on Education, Subcommittee on General Government, Subcommittee on Human Services, Sub- committee on Public Safety, Committee on Legislative Audits, Information Management and Technology, Joint Committee on Tax Credits.

For a complete list of all committee assignments go to house.cospeakers@state.or.us

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