Something special is afoot

Excitement is building as Eagle Point nears its 100th year and as Centennial Plaza is just days from completion.

To help Eagle Point celebrate the occasion and in an effort to help our readers understand some of the history of the city, the Independent is publishing a very special issue on Feb. 8, 2011. Referred to as the Centennial issue, it traces the community’s history from the mid 1850s to today with stories, tales and loads of old photographs. Things like school closure, protests not so long ago in downtown Eagle Point, tidbits about some of the old-timers and the-not-so oldtimers, there will be lots of items of interest. 

The publication will be mailed free of charge to all in the 97524 zip code. It will be for sale for $1 at the Feb. 12 event and throughout the year at special events as long as copies last.

With the exception of the full color photograph of Centennial Plaza, the publication will have no color. Advertisers are being encouraged to tell something of their history or wish the city well and send their congratulations.

This will be the most current, up-to-date history of the community and promises to be a real keeper. Advertising rates are a bit more than regular subscriber weeks ads and less than the total market publication. Advertising deadline is Monday, Jan. 30. We really believe this is a publication that will be shared and talked about for some time to come. For information, call us at 541-826-7700.


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