Two students wise beyond their age

Elk Trail and Shady Cove Schools each presented an outstanding student for recognition to the District 9 Board of Directors at the Jan. 12 meeting.

Selected from Shady Cove School was 8th grader Mike Johnson. This fall as a freshman at EPHS he will already have three math credits, having take Algebra I and II and Geometry. He not only excels academically, he is good in athletics and, in fact, gave up wrestling for the evening to receive the special recognition. Teachers describe him as having personal dignity. One of his teachers described him as “the type of son every parent would like to have, he is the full meal deal.”

Tella Morris, a third grader at Elk Trail has already been to Guatemala twice. A teacher describes her as “one of the wisest people I know.”  Obviously a very caring, compassionate, mature young lady.
“Every smile from my brother brings me joy and brings me a smile.
When he laughs it brings me a laugh, when he giggles it brings me a giggle.
Just one thing I would tell you little brother is no matter what people say behind your back, you are so special.
People are jealous of you because you were hand picked by God to help point people to him.
For all your struggles you will always have God there for you.
He chose you to be my little brother and he blessed our family.
You are a very special boy and I love having you as my brother.”

That is a poem that would make any parent proud. But this was a poem written by nine-year-old Tella Morris.  It is a poem written about Kiefer, her severely autistic young brother. It brought tears to her father, who looked as though he might play linebacker for the Oregon Ducks, and certainly it gave pause to this reporter.

Is it any wonder she is Elk-Trail’s Most Outstanding Student for 2010-2011?

Also honored was Paula Brenner, who just retired (almost) after 17 years as an assistant in the Elk Trail Library, and on e who could fill in just about anyplace and, is now often called on to answer questions although she is retired.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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