Eagle Point will join RVTD in grant request to study EP needs

Issues dealing with water and transportation consumed much of the discussion at the Feb. 22 Eagle Point City Council meeting.

First on the agenda was the Medford Water Commission rate increase. Medford is increasing rates to save funds for the future Duff II treatment plant. The increase for Eagle Point is .067 cents per 1,000 gallons. Eagle Point will round the figure off and effective Mar. 1, the increase will be seven cents per 1,000 gallons.

Rogue Valley Transit District is applying for an ODOT Transit Grant. The purpose is to do a complete transit operations and facilities plan for Eagle Point. It would forecast ridership, include complete route structure, identify bus stops and capital costs as well as a budget.

RVTD asked Eagle Point for $6,750 should the grant be approved. Eagle Point can always back out of the proposal, but did unanimously agree to th $6,750 contingent upon an agreeable scope of work. It would probably be spring or summer of 2012 before work could begin should a grant be received. And, according to Eagle Point staff, it could be the end of 2013 before a complete analyzes could be completed.

The last major motion also concerned water and the work being done for the Cities Water Coalition, which includes Eagle Point. Public Works Management, headed by Joe Strahl, has been working with the cities to get a breakdown and understanding from Medford Water Commission on their water rate methods.

After considerable discussion, the council voted 7-0 to continue with Public Works Management but the council wants to see a complete breakdown of costs from PWM.

Last month three pieces of art from Little Butte were selected in a flag design contest, with the first place winner having the design made into a flag. At that time Eagle Rock did not have their entries prepared, but the city agreed to review their art at last week’s meeting. They picked the top three entries and now must wait until there is better identification on the names of the winners. After obtaining the needed information from the school, the city expects to announce the top three at the next council meeting. That first place winner will also have his or her design made into a flag. One flag will fly downtown near Chase Bank on the city property and the other flag will be placed at the covered bridge.
City council had two study sessions last week: one on Feb. 23 to explain the many jobs done by the few staff members and responsibilities of the various departments; the other session was Saturday morning, Feb. 26, to discuss finances and the 2010-11 goals. These sessions will lead up to goal setting and budgeting.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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