Prospect graduate with a PhD earns top honors for research skills

Dr. Lacy Alexander Holowatz, daughter of Don and Linda Alexander, of Prospect, has been selected by the Environmental and Exercise Physiology (EEP) Section of the American Physiological Society to receive the EEP New Investigator Award for 2011.
This award will be presented to her at the EEP business meeting held during Experimental Biology, in Washington, D.C. Specifically, the EEP business meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. Dr. Holowatz is a 1996 graduate of  Prospect High School. She received her bachelor of science and masters degree at the University of Oregon and obtained her PhD at Penn State.

She has a bachelor’s degree in exercise and movement science from the University of Oregon. She wanted to be a physician and made application to 16 medical schools. Each rejected her. She was too young. But that did not stop  her. In fact, it seemed to have given her the desire to move ahead quickly. Next came graduate work, again at the University of Oregon. Hands on work began at a rehabilitation center, still anticipating she would one day become a doctor. It didn’t take long for her to realize she really did not enjoy working with sick people, and after all, that is what doctors do.

Perhaps by chance, perhaps by good luck, she was working on a research project for her master’s degree  through Noll lab in the Department of Kinesiology at Penn State University. She had oportunity to meet the head of the lab, a Dr. Larry Kenney who said if she was ever interested in obtaining her PhD to contact him.  Eight years ago she and her husband moved to Pennsylvania.

Her lab work includes the study of heat stress and the regulation of blood flow to the skin, especially as a person ages.

Larry Kenney is her mentor and says she demonstrates exceptional interest and dedication, far beyond her years.

he has published a number of articles and even had her own grant proposal funded by the American Heart Association.  Lacy Alexander Holowatz has found her niche and is quickly becoming well recognized in her field of research.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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