Prospect to hear cell phone use request

Prospect students are asking to be able to use their cell phones on campus before school, at breaks and at lunchtime. The current board policy says once a student is on campus they may not use their cell phones. The board of directors said they would put their request on the next agenda.

Kristi Stockebrand was selected for the opening on the Charter board of directors.

The auditor’s report was discussed with regard to some deficiencies in postings and reconciliations. Superintendent Don Alexander said the business manager is new and they want to give her every opportunity as well as support. To that end they will contact with Michael Piels, CPA for some additional training.

The three openings on the budget committee were filled by Debra Baker, John Benesch and Beth Nicholson.

The principal’s contract was renewed for three years with no raise. The administrative and central office staff will remain at the current salary with no change in benefits. Alexander says he believes negotiations will begin sometime in April.

The administrative rules recommended by the Charter board were adopted. Students have to get a C or better to have tuition paid. There is no cap currently on the number of hours.

Prospect continues to require 27 credits to graduate. There was discussion on transferring credits for students entering the high school after their freshman year.

Another topic to be discussed at the next board meeting will be the selection of valedictorian and salutatorian. Alexander said there has been concern by some that juniors graduating early may be considered for one of the honors while a senior may not have quite the g.p.a. but may have taken AP and/or college courses which would be more challenging yet are not considered for either of the honors. 
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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