Shady Cove Lady Wolverines results.

Shady Cove hosted a small schools varsity tournament Saturday, February 19th at Shady Cove Middle School.  Harvest Baptist, Prospect, and Butte Falls joined the Lady Wolverines in the 4 game tournament. In playoff games, Harvest Baptist beat Prospect to advance to the championship game.  Shady Cove took on Butte Falls in a rematch of their 18-15 victory earlier in the season. Shady Cove started out slow, with an 8-10 deficit at the half, but then kicked it into gear, cruising to a 39-22 victory to advance to the championship game with Harvest Baptist. Butte Falls then had to play a double-header, taking on

Prospect for the #3 spot. Exhaustion won out in the end, though, for Butte Falls, dropping to 4th place. Shady Cove and Harvest met for the first time this year in the championship game, as Harvest played all season as a JV.  The Wolverines got off to a bad start, struggling against the press, and allowing Harvest 20 points in the 1st quarter. The remaining 3 quarters, the Wolverines fought hard, matching Harvest’s scoring, but couldn’t make up for the deficit, losing 35-53, and taking 2nd place. Butte Falls earned the coveted Sportsmanship Trophy, and the following players were awarded All Tournament trophies: Tiani and Sara (Harvest), Kiana Sweem and Brenna Blankenship (Shady Cove), Bailey (Prospect), Katie and Taylor (Butte Falls). Honorable mention to Dana Johnson (SC), Maddy (Harvest), Lakota (Prospect), Baley (Prospect), Ralieghanne (BF), Shawna (BF), and Riley (Harvest).  The Shady Cove coaching staff would like to thank all the players, coaches, and fans who helped to make this a fun and positive experience for everyone.

Wolverines End Ladies Basketball Season

After the varsity tournament, Shady Cove played their last game of the season at Prospect. Suffering from illness on the court, and with their starting point guard out sick, Shady Cove varsity struggled, losing 23-34.  The Wolverine JV, however, were healthy, and Kirsten Pariani was on fire, scoring 31 points for her team in their 45-8 victory over the Prospect JV team. Becca Ash also had a good night, scoring a season high 10 points.  Mary Bolinger and Socha Smith each added another 2. This victory brings the Shady Cove JV team to a 7-1 record, with their only loss coming from the Harvest Baptist team that played all season as a JV, then won the varsity tournament.  The varsity team finished their season 4-6 due to some upsets, and 2nd place in the tournament.  The future looks bright for Shady Cove basketball next year.

Kirsten Pariani led the Wolverines in scoring for the season, with 101 points. 8th graders Brenna Blankenship and Kiana Sweem led the varsity in scoring, with 85 and 77 points in the season. Dana Johnson in her rookie season scored 63, Becca Ash (37), Brittany Zomerdyk (28), Socha Smith (22), Hanna Carnes (20), Jenica Edwards (6), Mary Bolinger, Emily Winsbury, Tianna Alexander and Jenny Ohlund (4), Kristin Sweem (3), and Gina Rusnick and Cortlin Russell (2).

The Shady Cove coaching staff is very proud of all the girls. They worked hard, played well, and maintained great attitudes throughout the season.  The team celebrated their season with a Wolverine Night at the skating rink Friday, and Awards Night Monday. The team would like to thank the parents and fans for your support and demonstration of good sportsmanship.

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