Students, community remove graffiti

Students from the 5th grade at White City Elementary and from White Mountain Middle School joined school and community leaders in an effort to rid the bike path between the pool and WCE of the graffiti and trash. They worked on the project on Wednesday afternoon during early release time.

A safety session with students before they started picking up trash was well worth it as one of the students spotted a knife along the path and alerted an adult who took care of it.

Amy’s Kitchen has partnered with WCE and provided paint to cover the graffiti.

Joe Saltos, Amy’s representative is co-president of the WCE Parent-Teacher Organization along with Lola Perez. Amy’s will be assisting the PTO in providing upgrades to the gravel parking lot at WCE in the future.

Other adults participating included Phil Ortega, Paul Cataldo, Ginny Walker representing the district along with teachers Mr. Carle, Mrs. Macias and Mrs. Ritchie. The School Resource Officer (SRO) Deputy Dave Beatty from the sheriff’s department, also participated.

Freshman students Ahisar Orozco and Avturo Rodriguez have been cleaning graffiti for the last four years and each earned $200 during the summer program.

Students from WCE included: Kacey McDonald, Courtney Sherman, Isabella Castro, Adan Valenzuela, Jake O’Connor, Darcy Blankenship, Jazmin Hernandez, Caitlyn Humphrey, Arianna Mendoza, Maribel Zepeda, Daniela Cisneros and Anahi Cervantes..

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