Hen house project is popular, more planned

The Southern Oregon Chapter of Delta Waterfowl Foundation is once again moving forward with our Hen House program at the Denman Wildlife Area. This year the committee and chapter members constructed 13 new nesting structures that will accompany the 12 existing ones placed in February, 2010 at the 1,760 acre site at Denman.

Upon request they will also be placing an additional two Hen Houses at the Medford Oaks RV Park located on Highway 140, outside Eagle Point where a problem with predators have devastated local nesting ducks. They have learned that ducks use these simple and effective man made structures to hatch their young each year. As a vital part of their Hen House program it is their goal to maintain and collect data before, during and after each nesting season. Delta has proven that this simple elevated nest design over water will give nesting waterfowl (primarily ducks) an 80% survival rate versus birds nesting on the ground.                
To learn more please visit our web site at www.deltawaterfowl.org or feel free to join them at Denman, 1495 E. Gregory Rd.,, Central Point, on Saturday, Mar. 26, at 9 a.m. For more information contact .Steve DeBerry 541-973-9250

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