Home brew allowed again

Home brew competitions at the Oregon State Fair and local county fairs across the state will be back this summer following passage of SB 444, according to Oregon House Co-Speakers Arnie Roblan and Bruce Hanna.

The bill changes a prohibition-era law that was recently reinterpreted by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission that caused the Oregon State Fair to cancel home beer and wine events, including the 23rd annual Amateur Beer Competition, last year.

The Department of Justice opinion said that while Oregonians could brew beer and craft wine at home, they couldn’t share it beyond that. SB 444 also clarifies that those who brew craft beer or wine at home can share it with friends and neighbors.

”This bill stops in its tracks a misguided legal opinion that shut down competitions at fairs all over Oregon,” Rep. Schaufler said. “This legislation ensures that home brewers can share their products and that the growing craft beer industry gets a boost. The return of these competitions at local county fairs is welcome news for home brewers and their fans.”

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