State workers take unpaid day-off, saves about $2 million

Because of budget reductions for state agencies, most state offices will close on Friday, March 18, requiring 26,500 state employees to take mandatory unpaid furloughs on that day, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) announced Monday.

The closure on March 18 is the ninth of 10 closure dates the state has scheduled over the current two-year budget period. Each day of closure will save an estimated $2 million in personnel costs, said DAS Acting-Director Kris Kautz. While the closures affect both management and non-management employees, many state workers will take up to four additional days of unpaid furlough on a floating basis over the remainder of the biennium.

Customers can still do business with DMV and some other state agencies online, even though the offices are closed. Kautz encouraged the public to check agencies’ websites to find out whether online transactions are possible on the closure day.

Kautz emphasized that certain state employees who provide essential services in public safety will remain on the job as usual-State Police officers, corrections officers, certain state hospital workers, and many ODOT workers, for example.

The net scheduled furlough day is Friday, Apr. 16.

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