Butte Falls student earns trip to National Forensics

Hardly a year has gone by but what we don’t have the pleasure of writing about an outstanding student from Butte Falls School District. Despite having only about 145 students in the entire school district, each year a stellar student appears.

This year it is Quinby Barrows. Barrows presents a three page list of accomplishments. She is best known for her many honors in speech, but her capabilities certainly extend beyond that.

Her personal goal is to receive the “Premier Distinction Award” from the National Forensic League. This required 1,500 National Forensic League points by June of this year. That goal has been accomplished.  Beyond that, her advisor, Mrs. Stewart-Warren, received the advisor’s Diamond Award from NFL for the achievement of a student, namely Quinby Barrows.     Barrows has earned the right to attend the National Forensics League national competition in Dallas, Texas this year where she will compete for a $10,000 scholarship.

With a 4.0 four-year grade point average, she will be the class valedictorian for 2011. Barrows has earned at least 40 placings, including 14 first place awards in not one phase of speech, but as a participate in several categories.

Her community service has included being a classroom debate judge, a teacher’s aide and  volunteering at the Rogue Valley Mall with a craft and collectible show. She draws, makes jewelry, models, cooks, bakes and is a member of the choir. This year she was first runner up in the Miss  Pear Blossom Pageant and has participated in theatre in Eugene as well as at  Butte Falls High School.

Barrows has just earned the highest forensic degree awarded a high school student and is the first Butte Falls student to earn the honor.

To compete in Dallas she needs to raise many dollars for motel, plane, competition fees and meals for herself and her supervisor. Donations may be sent to Butte Falls High School Speech, Butte Falls High School, P.O. Box 228, Butte Falls, OR 97522
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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