Easter Egg Hunt in Shady Cove may be Oregon’s largest

If the annual Easter Egg hunt in Shady Cove isn’t the largest egg hunt in Oregon- it is very close to the top.   Once again Cascade Masonic Lodge #208 of Shady Cove will put on its annual Easter Egg hunt on the grounds of the Shady Cove Elementary School. The event has a long history within the community and has grown from the days of coloring individual eggs, one at a time in coffee cups, to an astounding effort of cooking and tinting 600 DOZEN eggs for the event.

The size of the hunt magnified 15 years ago when two small children arrived late and were heartbroken that the 50 dozen eggs had already been snatched up by the gathered families.  A generous sharing of eggs from some of the Freemason’s grandchildren’s baskets made things right and dried the tears. However, father and son Masons, Frank Springer Sr. and Tad Springer, resolved that no sadness would again be associated with a Masonic event, and vowed to insure that baskets would always be filled, and children would go away with smiles on their faces. By the following year, the event had been scaled up, and quickly grew to its current size.

The egg hunt will be held the day prior to the Easter holiday and will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 23.  Parents should be sure to arrive early as once the kids are set loose it takes very little time for every cackleberry to be found. There are separate areas cordoned off for ages 1 to 3 years, 4 to 6 years, and 7 to 10 years. Shady Cove School is located right on Highway 62 at the east end of town.  A thank you goes out to the Willamette Egg Farms of Eagle Point for donating 60 dozen eggs to ensure every child is a happy child at this Upper Rogue event.

Anyone requiring further information regarding the egg hunt or Cascade Masonic Lodge may call Frank at 541-865-3933.


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